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Matrytech assists Fortune 500 companies in optimising their business processes through the use of private blockchains. We have experience with the development of private blockchains, including the establishment of Proof of Concepts and production-ready systems. Our Hyperledger, Corda, Polkadot, and Enterprise Ethereum engineers have extensive training and expertise.

Blockchain Services By MatryTech

Any system that employs blockchain technology is, at its heart, a distributed ledger that records a sequence of transactional data in chronological order. There are two primary classifications of blockchain-based solutions.

Private Blockchain

Private blockchain solutions are often accessible exclusively through password-protected and password-restricted network segments. Permissions to access or submit new data are likewise predetermined in a blockchain. In most cases, one or more organisations will manage these solutions. One example of a private distributed ledger solution is Hyperledger Fabric.


Through the use of granular permissions and an optional control mechanism, it is possible to facilitate the issuance, tracking, and verification of financial assets. Using encrypted private databases based on blockchain technology, develop dependable timestamping and data sharing services, as well as secure transactional operations.

Our Blockchain Service Offerings

When it comes to providing our development services, we employ a curated range of blockchain technologies with specialised use case applications across a variety of industries.


Organizations can enhance both their transactions and their governance with the aid of the Hyperledger Project. Tools, libraries, and frameworks designed with Hyperledger can minimise the time it takes to confirm a transaction while assuring regulatory compliance and enhancing the scalability of the network.


Enhance data security, ensure zero downtime, and achieve optimum scalability across all of your financial and non-financial applications. Using Ethereum Virtual Machine and smart contracts, create decentralised solutions such as smart multisig escrow, identity management systems, voting applications, and decentralised government (EVM)


Offer choices for foreign transactions that are timely, secure, dependable, and cost-effective to improve the financial experience. Banks and insurance companies should employ micropayment solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient in order to improve their client service.


Create blockchain networks that are accessible, decentralised, and as quick as possible. These networks should be able to scale without sacrificing transaction fees, decentralisation, or security, and they should be faster and less expensive than Ethereum.


Construct a layer two scalable, user-friendly, decentralised Ethereum scaling platform with minimal transaction fees, while keeping Ethereum's high degree of security and developing it into a full-fledged multi-chain network.


Develop decentralised applications (dApps) with low latency and high capacity to expedite the processing of transactions, as well as EVM, Ethereum's virtual computer, so that Ethereum-based applications such as MetaMask can be performed.


Develop a decentralised, open-source blockchain that facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing that is compatible with the Ethereum virtual computer. It should also contain the capacity to execute smart contracts and a consensus method based on proof of stake.


Utilizing EOS qualities like as scalability, security, and speedy transaction processing, improve the performance of business applications in terms of throughputs and latency. For distributed challenges, you must create apps with low-cost transactions and bilateral peer-to-peer contracts.


Create decentralised financial systems so that direct, energy-efficient, and transparent public transactions can occur. Enhance the management of data and information by employing high-performance, permission-based applications for crucial record-keeping scenarios.


Develop secure and scalable value exchange systems for numerous industries, including the healthcare and finance sectors. With a permissioned, decentralised network that includes consensus procedures and smart contracts, you can benefit from greater transaction speed, enhanced user authentication, and enhanced privacy.


Implement decentralised business solutions that give the benefits of smart contracts and the finality of transactions in a short amount of time. Utilize services such as oracles, process schedulers, and token issuance to support high-volume, low-cost, and rapid transactions across multiple industries, including the Internet of Things (IoT), banking, and payments.


Utilize queryability, low-latency, immutable data storage, and built-in asset support to provide decentralised control for use cases such as intellectual property and supply chain management.


Construct payment infrastructure and asset tokenization services that are robust, quick, and secure, with interoperability, stability, and regulatory compliance, for industries such as media and gaming.

Public Blockchain

Each network user has the same amount of access to public blockchain solutions, allowing them to read and add data to the distributed ledger system. This is how the most popular public blockchain systems, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, perform their functions.

Our organisation uses the platforms Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc to construct permissioned distributed ledgers and blockchains. By taking care of enablement, maintenance, and support, we facilitate a smooth transition to new, advanced technology for enterprises.

We can provide you with an enterprise-grade blockchain by integrating this architecture into your workflow. This blockchain will be specifically developed and optimised for your needs.

Benefits Of Blockchain Services By MatryTech

Completely Managed

Using the private blockchain services we provide, you can rapidly build blockchain networks spanning several AWS accounts. This enables a group of users to conduct transactions and exchange information without the need for a central authority. When you choose Amazon Managed Blockchain as opposed to self-hosting your blockchain infrastructure, you will not be required to manually deploy hardware, setup software, or set up networking and security components. Using Managed Blockchain's voting API, network participants are able to vote on the addition or removal of network members.

Managed Blockchain offers the newly joined member the capability to construct and configure multiple blockchain peer nodes so that they may process transaction requests and store a copy of the ledger. Moreover, Managed Blockchain will monitor the network and replace any malfunctioning nodes instantly.

Choice Of Blockchain Platforms

MatryTech is interoperable with Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, two of the most well-known blockchain frameworks. Hyperledger Fabric is a suitable fit for applications that need stringent privacy and permission constraints with a known set of members. An example of such an application is a financial application in which sensitive trade-related data is shared only with specific institutions.

Ethereum is optimal for massively distributed blockchain networks that prioritise data transparency for all participants. A customer loyalty blockchain is one example of such a network, as it allows every participating merchant to independently authenticate a user's activity throughout the network in order to redeem benefits. Alternately, Ethereum may also be employed to join a public Ethereum blockchain network.

Scalable in addition to secure

Private Blockchain makes it simple to scale your blockchain network, even as the number of applications using the network grows over time. If a member of the network requires additional capacity for producing and validating transactions, he or she can quickly add a new peer node by utilising the application programming interfaces (APIs) made available by Managed Blockchain.

Managed Blockchain provides a choice of instance types, each with a unique combination of central processing unit (CPU) and RAM, allowing you to choose the combination of resources that best meets your business's needs. A further advantage of utilising Managed Blockchain is that it avoids the requirement for you to set up your own secure key storage by safeguarding the network certificates with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) technology.


The "ordering service" is a component of the Hyperledger Fabric system that guarantees the delivery of blockchain network transactions. Our blockchain-based services increase the dependability of the framework's "ordering service."

Because the default ordering service in Hyperledger Fabric does not preserve a complete history of transactions, it is difficult to keep track of transaction history and restore it when necessary. It also includes an immutable change log that accurately stores the whole history of all blockchain network transactions. This assists in ensuring that

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