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Find out which methods, website content, and marketing efforts led to a lead, phone call, or sale by going beyond the normal website metrics and gathering this information. In addition, MatryTech's marketing automation capabilities can be utilised to automate lead nurturing procedures. Learn more or submit a proposal request immediately!

The majority of small and medium-sized firms prioritise customer relationship management (CRM) and email campaign management applications above marketing automation (MA) tools. However, it is crucial that your selection of MA and the solutions you implement are based on the strategic business objectives and marketing needs of your organisation, and not simply as a quick cure for a current problem.

Over fifty-one percent of businesses utilise marketing automation tools to generate qualified leads, and fifty-eight percent of B2B enterprises want to invest in marketing automation platforms. Because automation CRM integration is tough to develop and requires campaign management expertise, you will need a reliable partner to assist you in establishing a solid technology foundation and giving strategic marketing automation direction.

Are you prepared to automate your marketing and sales activities with a Marketing Automation Service? Employ MatryTech for marketing automation consulting and campaign management from beginning to end.

MarketForce can assist with every level of the Marketing Automation strategy development process, including solution selection, implementation, training, CRM or other system integration, campaign execution, MA optimization, and management services.

Our Service Offerings

Assessment of the Platform

The professional assessment of your company processes, requirements, and relevant platforms by our specialists, backed by the tried-and-true Automation Centre of Excellence, will aid you in selecting the most suitable marketing automation platform and developing the most suitable adoption strategy.

Configuration of the Platform and Technical Support

The specialists in our employ will configure the CRM marketing automation or SMS marketing automation solution, depending on whether it is platform-based or custom, and support your team in getting it operational.

Incorporation of Platforms

Our renowned marketing automation consulting services have the experience and exposure necessary to properly integrate the CRM with the marketing platform best suited for the business, enabling a continuous flow of data between the Marketing Systems and the CRM Systems.

The Marketing Content Strategy

We work with you as a partner to fulfil all of your content needs, from developing an editorial plan to delivering material through the proper channels. Our objective is to bridge the gap between content marketing and your marketing automation platform by continually connecting automation efforts with business objectives.

Demand Generation Strategy

Because we are the market leader in marketing automation consulting services, we assist our clients in establishing successful demand generation and market-winning strategies by offering a comprehensive suite of demand generation services that span the whole lead lifecycle.

Administration of Automation

We are able to manage the entirety of the marketing automation system due to our strategic agreements with the industry's most prominent automation platforms and our expertise in the configuration and integration of these platforms. This involves the management of leads and their advancement through the sales funnel, as well as their qualification by the sales team.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Services By MatryTech

According to their respective marketing strategies, all organisations utilise marketing software in their own unique way. Despite the fact that the return on investment (ROI) in each situation will be assessed using a unique set of characteristics, firms who have implemented automated marketing agree that there are numerous advantages.

Time savings

The most anticipated outcome of the computerization of previously manual procedures.

A high degree of productivity

You are able to manage hundreds of distinct marketing programmes simultaneously.

Maintaining brand consistency

No matter how many different individuals are involved in the content development process for marketing, standardised templates are utilised.

Rapid sales lead response

Because marketing-generated leads are automatically tracked, a sales team is able to initiate contact with prospects substantially more quickly.

Participation increase from the target audience

You will design the most successful ways to impact the people who are seeing your material if you personalise your marketing, test your ideas quickly, and continue to iterate.

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