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By utilising Hyperledger-hosted frameworks, our team of qualified Hyperledger developers creates blockchain applications that are both quick and secure.

We have utilised both the Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth frameworks for hybrid projects involving both off-chain and on-chain functionality. Our company has developed over a dozen blockchain apps for corporations and startups. These applications run infrastructure on AWS and IBM Bluemix and support storage on IPFS and CDN.

Hyperledger Services From MatryTech

Hyperledger is an open-source initiative designed to facilitate the development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. The Hyperledger project is a collaborative effort to provide the frameworks, protocols, tools, and libraries required for the construction of blockchains and the accompanying applications.

Since its start by the Linux Foundation in 2016, the Hyperledger project has attracted contributions from numerous organisations. IBM and Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, Visa, American Express, and blockchain startups such as Blockforce are among these organisations. The partnership includes banking, supply chain management, the internet of things (IoT), manufacturing, and other production-based disciplines.

In the Hyperledger hub, all frameworks and libraries for distributed ledgers can find a home. Consequently, a corporation may employ, for example, one of Hyperledger's frameworks to improve the levels of efficiency, performance, and transactions inside their business processes.

For Hyperledger to work, it must first supply the infrastructure and standards required for the development of blockchain systems and applications. Developers utilise Hyperledger Greenhouse, which is built of the Hyperledger frameworks and tools, to create business blockchain applications. Participants in the network are acquainted with one another and able to contribute to consensus-building processes.

Our Hyperledger Service Offerings

Consultations utilising Hyperledger

We examine the potential applications of blockchain technology for the use cases offered by your firm. Our Hyperledger consulting team will assess which Hyperledger project is the greatest fit for your organization's business solution, as well as the benefits that this solution will offer to both your organisation and your customers.

The relationship between the user and technology

As part of our UI/UX design services, we offer high-fidelity designs, which contribute to a fluid and consistent user experience. Prior to designing a process for you, we will present a technical design. This design will contain a database design, user stories, and a system blueprint defining the workflow's technological components.

Application development on the Hyperledger blockchain

Our team of Hyperledger blockchain developers produces decentralised apps (dApps) for a number of sectors using Hyperledger Frameworks. Customers are provided with several app versions prior to the release of the final product to the public network when the agile software development process is used.

The creation of intelligent contracts and chaincode

On the Hyperledger blockchain technology, what are typically referred to as smart contracts are known as chaincodes. On Hyperledger Fabric, chaincodes are required for the establishment of asset definitions, business contracts, and decentralised apps. Our Hyperledger developers generate chaincodes that ensure the robustness and security of the system.

Support and maintenance

In addition to the development and deployment of a Hyperledger-based business blockchain application, we also provide post-development maintenance and support as part of our Hyperledger application development services. Our maintenance services ensure that there will be no downtime and that optimal performance will be maintained.

Migration and upgrades

Receive assistance moving or integrating your existing solution into the Hyperledger Framework so you may continue to use it. In addition, we are able to incorporate any modifications made to the Hyperledger-based blockchain application.

Why Would You Choose Us?

  • By developing decentralised applications (dApps) and permissioned/private solutions using open protocols powered by Hyperledger, we empower businesses to grow and advance.

  • Expertise and excellence in industry-specific technologies across multiple business domains, including cryptography, tokenization, retail, media, and FinTech.

  • Review, development, and implementation of a comprehensive business model, including integration of APIs, cryptocurrency wallets, block explorers, and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

  • Efficient infrastructure development with a scalable and flexible architecture, organised dependencies, and individualised permissioning for ledgers.

  • The development of private, public, or permission-based distributed ledger technology solutions. Deployment of consensus, incorporating cryptography or non-cryptographic techniques.

  • The creation of business contracts utilising chaincodes and smart contracts, which enables better efficiency across ledgers and channels.

  • Detailed mapping of contractual duties, authorizations, and transactional norms pertaining to business.

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