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Matrytech is the dominant industry leader in the creation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to its market-leading position in client value, MatryTech is rapidly becoming one of the most successful exchange developers.

Today, cryptocurrencies are an integral component of the economic landscape. This digital currency represents a paradigm shift away from bank-controlled, centralised currencies such as dollars, euros, and rupees, etc. and toward a decentralised peer-to-peer system.

Peer-to-peer transactions are conducted between users directly. To buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency exchange is required.

Exchange Services From MatryTech

Utilizing our top-tier bitcoin exchange development services, which are packed with a number of security measures, may improve the efficiency and adaptability of your organisation.

There are now a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges that can be accessed totally online and are accessible to anyone from any country in the world. Providing a variety of trading services for blockchain-based digital currencies across the globe is the most effective way to create a profit from an exchange. This can be performed anywhere on the planet. One can utilise a variety of strategies to make the platform useful.

A cryptocurrency exchange is basically a web-based trading platform that enables users to trade, buy, sell, and conduct business in a range of digital cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The number of users actively trading on an exchange is directly proportional to the number of trading possibilities offered by a platform. Moreover, the size of the user base has a considerable impact on the total revenue generated by the exchanges. This is owing to the fact that users pay exchange fees, and the fundamental purpose of an exchange is to service its user community.

Therefore, your platform should continually offer irresistible and value-driven traits, such as dependability, speed, and convenience. In addition to these conditions, your market must be secure, liquid, and accessible to all players. When it comes to decentralised exchanges, a significant percentage of this depends on the construction of smart contracts.

Due to the entry of both established and new companies into the bitcoin exchange industry, it is rather difficult to achieve long-term success unless you play at the highest level possible and develop the technology and design in the best way possible from the start. By integrating our distinct areas of expertise and adhering to a conscientious work ethic, we are able to provide a vast array of technological exchange configurations and solutions that position businesses for long-term success.

What are the benefits of utilising our services?

MatryTech promises that any bitcoin exchange development solutions it offers will be scalable, secure, error-free, fully functional, and easy to configure. The following are essential characteristics:

  • Obtain access to numerous cutting-edge trading functions

  • Bitcoin transactions are decentralised.

  • Dual-directional authentication

  • Bug-fix

  • Reports and visualisations depicting analytic alterations

  • 24/7 customer assistance

As a company specialising in all Blockchain development services, MatryTech can assist you with all your smart contract requirements and entry into the ICO market. From conception to pre-ICO marketing and support, the MatryTech team will work closely with you.

Why Would You Choose Us?

Rapidity of the Transactions

Increasing the speed at which transactions may be processed on exchanges is a crucial component of making the user experience quick and painless. To keep our users satisfied, we design exchanges that facilitate faster transactions and permit them to do as many transactions as they desire simultaneously.

Multiple Layers of Protection

The user experience on the exchanges we provide is intended to be straightforward, but verification is crucial and cannot be avoided. Our solutions for the exchange lower the possibility of fraudulent conduct while preserving the integrity and safety of transactions. Our solutions enable extra degrees of security, including bot verification and two-factor authentication, in the form of many tiers. Together, these characteristics make the user registration process not only simple but also risk-free.

Integrating Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Procedures

In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, a cryptocurrency exchange must place a substantial premium on consumer knowledge. In order to prevent any type of money laundering from occurring on these platforms, it is imperative that financial institutions verify the identity of new customers before enabling them to use the platform. In addition, it requires an awareness of the user's behaviours and a determination of their legality. Due to the exchange development solutions we provide, it is simple to examine and comprehend the data and transactions. As the administrator of the exchange, you are able to identify which users pose a risk of money laundering on the exchanges and take the necessary steps to alleviate the issue before it escalates.

A Powerful Commercial Engine

Robust trade engines are an essential component of bitcoin exchanges. Because trade engines are responsible for processing all of the information contained on cryptocurrency exchanges, including the commissions and pricing of trades, matching users with offers, and handling bids, this is the case. Our developers are able to construct resilient designs for our exchanges by including the right logic.

Feature-Rich Admin Panel

Because it enables the managers or admin of the exchanges to undertake a variety of operations on the platform, a solid admin panel is another important feature that we provide. The functionalities can be incorporated in the exchanges according to your specifications. To guarantee that our users are satisfied with our services, we provide admin consoles with the ability to adjust trading costs, add new digital currencies to an exchange, create and debit funds on the platform, and provide a complete customer care management system.

Support for cryptocurrency and fiat

Support for many digital currencies in addition to fiat currencies is one of the most crucial characteristics of cryptocurrency exchanges. This feature is essential because it is critical for platform users to be able to easily trade fiat currency on exchanges in order to invest or withdraw funds from their accounts. This feature enables users to do so. Because it makes completing transactions and navigating the platform easier, it encourages more individuals to join the exchange.

Wallet Capable of Holding Multiple Currencies

Connected multi-currency wallets on the platform are a positive or important asset of the exchange because they simplify trading for investors. Users do not need to create a new wallet in order to engage in financial transactions on an exchange, as multi-currency wallets allow users to conduct transactions using whatever wallet they already possess.

Automated trading with robots

Because it fosters increased user engagement, bot trading has become an indispensable component of exchange systems. Many traders who utilise exchange platforms engage in bot trading since they do not wish to give their full attention to trading around the clock.

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